Intelligent Sensing

Sciath UAS, LLC (“Sciath”) is a holding company established by Rich Earley, John Coglianese & Dobbs Management Service ( to aggregate and integrate a group of best in class, complementary, remote sensing hardware, software products and services into a ”dual-use”, end to end Intelligent Sensing as a Service (“ISaaS”) solutions company. 

Cyber Conection

Intelligent Sensing Solutions

Sciath is currently delivering intelligent sensing solutions in over 30 countries worldwide that allow its enterprise and government customers to: i) make better decisions via increased real time and future situational awareness of their customers, markets and critical assets and ii) maintain control over their electromagnetic spectrum and cyber infrastructure portfolios. Sciath is rapidly expanding its ISaaS offering and actively investing, acquiring and licensing innovative remote sensing capabilities outlined in its platform thesis.


In the world of ISR, it is about the access and control of the data. We analyze the flow of that data (i.e.“ the bits”) in regards to where it is collected, what touches it, where does it have to go and in what format does it need to arrive when it gets to the intended consumer. After collection, the DoD defines a process that consists of Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (“PED”). The PED process is what takes raw data and delivers refined intelligence to a consumer.

The Sciath UAS platform thesis is focused on aggregating a selection of complementary sensor, data analytics, and communications technologies that will be integrated into a suite of proprietary intelligence/data acquisition products. Our integrated sensor suite enables us to sell and deliver a subscription-based data capture and analytics service to a broad cross section of govt. & enterprise industries.

$100B Dual-Use ISaaS Market Focus: Sciath is laser focused on delivering technology driven “solutions as a service” centric around providing unique access, placement & control to collect, store & deliver data to the end user (“at the edge”).

We are actively investing, acquiring, and licensing innovative sensing capabilities in the following focus areas:

  • UAS
  • CUAS
  • Cyber & Electronic Warfare (“EW”)
• Product & Technology
  • Sensors:
    • Imagery (“FMV”, “Multispectral”, “Hyperspectral”, “LIDAR”)
    • Signal (“SIGINT”)
    • Electronic Warfare (“EW”)
  • Cyber & Electronic Warfare (“EW”)
  • AI/Analytics & ML